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For months I went around as Ted because a nice and pious lady from church, already established in the business world, said that Teddy made me too young and that a job wouldn’t be landed with it. I’d always been Teddy. Ted was reserved for serious, older men. So when the courage was mustered to go by Teddy again, as I’d been called since J.K., anger filled me because of my bending like a reed. Change your name to get a job. Never again. All this under the cloak of my legal name, Tadeusz. Other than parents and Polish school teachers, everyone avoided that name. Too hard to pronounce. Poor Miss I-forget-her-name from years back must’ve had a page of crazy looking Polish names from immigrant pupils whom she officially welcomed to Canada by giving the English variant of the slavic names she came across. Who knows, but I went from Tadeusz to Teddy and wasn’t about to be welcomed into the business world as Ted. I’m native to this land if you’re wondering. Canada, if you’re still scratching. Am I a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and then into a frog to keep changing names?

My CV says Teddy. It also draws on this blog. An HR professional can’t miss it, maybe to my detriment as I’ve yet to be hired as a writer or blogger, technical or otherwise. In fact I’ve applied to over 100 varied writing positions and have only received one email reply stating that other candidates were being pursued. All the skills were there. The work experience more than sufficient. Education? Yup, that too. So what could it be? “You don’t have a cover letter,” my wife said last night. “It’s included in my CV. It’s worked in,” I say. “Yeah but if you’re not following the format of applying for work in your field like others are then…” “Whatever,” I snap. As if not having an official cover letter is holding me back from being considered. Her point kept making the rounds in my head. If I was an HR guy tasked with hiring a copywriter or technical writer or a blogger, then sifting through the rubbish and getting down to the meat would be priority. How would I do that? By reading the work of the applicants.

The same wonderful lady, whom I still see frequently, at the time of dispensing with the name change also informed me to keep all things “religious” out of my CV. The two don’t mix. Separation of church and business is an unspoken rule. “Wait, I think this guy believes in Jesus. Oh he’s out. Good thing I’m wearing surgical gloves when I printed this, lest I be infected with the same disease,” says the HR pro. The CV was to give no hint of anything even vaguely spiritual. When out of coma some years down the line, I immediately reinstated everything religious which applied to writing. I’m talking about this blog. My heart is worn on both sleeves for the world to see and many don’t like it. Just a guess. To those of you who are indifferent, really don’t care, or who actually prefer writers on their team who actually believe in and serve something greater than themselves, do you mind taking two seconds to read or pass along my resume. Okay, I reluctantly composed a cover letter too. Email me at and I’ll forward both. This is for real. Sometimes people think I’m joking when I’m serious.

I don’t care if your firm is based out of Texas or Beijing. I welcome the wonderful world of telecommuting from the comfort of my home office. If it’s writing based, full-time (40 hours a week) with half-decent pay, I’m your guy. Hope that didn’t come off too desperate. Don’t care. I’ve got a young family to support and don’t want to go around pretending Jesus is a mere historical figure. It’s not like there will be one on ones with the employees of the company that hires me. Sign-up forms have been placed on everyone’s desk. Space is limited. You and God is between you and God. Notice I’m not in the picture. I just want to show up everyday and pour my heart into the work. How do you know I will? You don’t. No one can predict the future. Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” I’ve showed up consistently for going on two years to write my heart out in these posts and I eagerly anticipate the bountiful future God has in store for me and my family. Remember there are not two of me. This is a limited time offer. Even if you’re not in the hunt for a copywriter, technical writer, or even a blogger, I humbly ask that you share this post with your network because someone out there is. Thank you for doing this for me.

photo credit: Byron James